Mesut Ozil has recently quit international football, citing the “racism and disrespect” he has faced in Germany over his Turkish roots. Arsenal midfielder is regarded as one of the best playmakers and assist-makers in the modern football. But what do you need to know about Ozil’s personal like? here are the top 7 things you didn’t know about Mesut Ozil.

7. Books: “Mesut Ozil Superstar” & “Gunning for Greatness”

Ozil has a book dedicated to him and its title is “Mesut Ozil Superstar”. The book was done by a passionate fan. Ozil loved it contracted him to write another one whose slug is “Gunning For Greatness”. It is all about Ozil’s life story.

6. Ozil donate large sums for charity

Mesut is renowned for his philanthropic bent of mind having donated large sums to numerous charitable organization. Ozil contributed his entire 2014 World Cup prize money for the treatment of approximately 23 Brazilian kids. In 2016, Ozil also visited Zaatari refugee in Jordan. He signed autographs which constituted about 80,000 displaced Syrian refugees. He cared for the children displaced as a result of the Syrian civil war.

5. RELIGION: Mesut is a devout Muslim

Ozil is a devout Muslim who recites the Holy Quran before every single match he plays. “I always recite from Quran before I go out (on the pitch). This really helps me to keep focused. I pray and my teammates know they cannot talk to me during my prayers”.

4. He loved Mathematics and used to play Chess as a child

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Just like football, Ozil adapted to Chess as at a very young age. He was a member of his school’s football team and chess club. The Arsenal playmaker also had some strong interest in Mathematics in school. His love for Mathematics and Chess have paved a way for his local thinking and playmaking abilities.

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