Back in 2015, it was a scandal when Wojciech Szczesny was caught smoking in the showers after the 2-0 defeat at Southampton on New Year’s Day. He was reportedly Reportedly fined £20,000. A month later, It was Jack Wilshere’s turn.

With the two not being the only ones, today we take a look at caught smoking footballers of all time.

7. Zinedine Zidane

This may sound awkward! Zidane was widely known to be a part of an anti-smoking campaign in 2002 but was seen casually smoking a cigarette just before the 2006 World Cup semi-final against Portugal.

6. Wayne Rooney

The media had a field-day when Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney was spotted on a night out in the Manchester City center in August 2010 “Lighting up a cigarette, urinating against a wall and singing raucously” according to The Daily Mail.

5. Mesut Ozil

Ozil is believed to smoke, though he is just so lucky for that this habit hasn’t yet affected his football career. Right from his former club Real Madrid when he was known to be a smoker after his pictures while smoking on holidays hit the tabloids.

4. Mario Balotelli

Smoking is one of the addicts of Super Mario Balotelli as he was even fined by his then club AC Milan for smoking in the toilets. Italian striker Balotelli has been one of the football forwards who makes headlines day in day out just for his several life characters like smoking cigarettes and shisha.

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