Footballers and all athletes in general face injuries throughout their careers. Some of those injuries are more than just painful, as they are really heartbreaking. Some footballers are labelled as being ‘soft’. But there are some players who have experienced an extremely gruesome injury and continued to play for the rest of the match or even the rest of the season. All in all, here are the 5 players who kept on playing while injured.

5. Wilfried Bony – Torn ligament (Swansea City)

Back in the 2017-18 season, Wilfried Bony ended up tearing his anterior cruciate ligament minutes after he came on the pitch against Leicester City. At first, it was not understood by the fans and by the manager as to what happened after the unusual landing. But Bony continued to play for the rest of the match. It was found after the match that the Ivorian striker’s injury was so severe that he was forced to not play for the rest of the season.

4. Stuart Pearce – Broken Leg (West Ham United)

Back in the 80s when he was playing for West Ham United, Pearce ended up breaking his leg in the first half. But he decided to continue in the second half. Six months later, Pearce broke the same leg and refused to be stretchered off. “He put his boots back on and was ready to go. Even I couldn’t run off such a bad injury.” Harry Redknapp on how Pearce.

3. Ronaldo – Seizures before the match (Brazil)

Just hours before the 1998 World Cup final, Ronaldo reportedly experienced a ‘fit’, that had foam erupt from his mouth. He was forbidden to play by the doctors. But as his passion for the sport spoke through his actions, he did show up at the finals. This fact generated a lot of controversy in the media, stating that Nike forced the Brazilian to play. However, both Ronaldo and Nike denied all the speculation.

“I had an injury in my leg and everybody was talking about that. I decided to cut my hair and leave the small thing there,” he said.

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