Football is not only about kicking the ball in and out of the net. There is more to the game than just pulling that famous shirt every weekend. The game has evolved a lot in the last half a century. The superstars are engaging in more charity work to help communities around the world. Today, we want to look at five football stars changing lives through Charity around the World. We will also look at what they have done to put a smile on the faces of those poor families.

5. Samuel Etoo- Formerly at Barcelona/Cameroon

African football legend Samuel Etoo has achieved everything in football. He has won all trophies available for him apart from the World Cup. He achieved most of his success on the pitch during his days at Barcelona and Inter Milan.

The former Chelsea star is also a very generous man. He has done a lot across the continent especially when it comes to children welfare and health. The legendary forward was part of “FIFA 11 for Health” campaign that dealt with the deadly Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

“I’m excited to be home in Africa and proud to see what my brothers in Sierra Leone have achieved in successfully fighting against the Ebola virus. Health is the most important thing in life. With health and a strong dream, you can achieve anything in life. Football has an important role to play in educating young girls and boys to live a healthy lifestyle,” Eto’o was quoted by Africa News. The attacker has also done charity work in other African countries for example Kenya.

4. Mohamed Salah- Liverpool/Egypt

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has taken the football World by surprise. The 25-year-old Egyptian scored 44 goals in 52 matches in all competitions last season. The former Chelsea and AS Roma star is not only lethal on the pitch but also generous off the pitch.

The humble star has helped build hospitals and schools in his small town called Nagrig. He recently donated €30,000 (£26,612) to take care of poor families of retired footballers. He has also donated trophies and gym equipment to help local football teams. He will certainly do more as he continues to shine in the beautiful game.

3. Lionel Messi- Barcelona/Argentina

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi does not only have football tricks but also generous hands. The five-times Ballon d’Or winner partnered with Barcelona Foundation, ‘Reach Out To Asia’ (ROTA) and UNICEF to help marginalized children in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal. The forward has also done a lot of charity work in his home country Argentina.

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