Football is one of the most rewarding professions in the World. It is also one of the most interesting sports when it comes to fashion and style. Players are free to shave their heads in whatever styles they want. They can also add tattoos to their bodies the way they please. Some even keep their beards and mustache to whatever length they wish. Over the years, new hairstyles have emerged and changed the way we see our superstars. So today let’s take a look at the latest hair styles in the beautiful game;

6. Serey Die- FC Basel

Ivory Coast star Serey Die style will certainly leave you asking for more. It is a typical soccer star style and there no doubt he has many admirers in West Africa. Forget the tears; it is the pride that comes with playing for your country for the first time. He currently plays for Switzerland side FC Basel.

5. Mario Balotelli- Nice/Italy

Like him or hate him, Super Mario also known as Mario Balotelli will always be in the news. Sometimes for good reasons but other times for not so good reasons. The former Manchester City, AC Milan, and Liverpool forward have what it takes to be a great movie star when he hangs his boots. Today though, we are only admiring the Nice star haircut. You got to like it.

4. Paul Pogba- Manchester United

Manchester United record signing Paul Pogba has been blamed for concentrating so much on his hair. The pundits have claimed that it is becoming a distraction to his football. The French midfielder is making headlines for all the wrong reasons once again after a video showing a bitter exchange between him and his coach Jose Mourinho. He needs to get his act together before ruining his Red Devil career.

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