Neymar is must have some addiction to top models and actress. The Brazilian ace has hooked up with the most stunning women since his young age. All in all, here are the top 9 women who hooked up with Neymar Jr.

9. Carolina Nogueira Dantas (2010-2011)

Carolina Dantas started seeing Neymar in 2010. This is probably the first serious girlfriend the player ever had. She is the mother of Neymar’s son David Lucca da Silva Santos. The couple gave birth when Neymar was an up and coming star at Brazilian club Santos in 2011. Though they are separated now, they are said to maintain a cordial relationship.

8. Barbara Evans (2011)

Barbara is said to have had relationships with many famous footballers, including Neymar. In 2011, Neymar split up with his son’s mother. He reportedly went to a Brazilian model and reality TV star Evans as a rebound.

7. Carol Abranches (2011)

Back in 2011, the Brazilian model and dancer Carol Branches was seen on a yacht with Neymar. Later, she opened up on their relationship in a candid interview. She admitted that while they were intimate, nothing happened on the yacht that day. Carol revealed that she thought of Neymar while pleasuring herself during an alone time at home.

6. Mayra Cardi (2012)

Mayra Cardi is a Brazilian fitness expert who now lives in the United States. She owned property right next to Neymar in Brazil. The pair allegedly got together in 2012. And they were seen hanging out in different spots in Brazil. “He’s an incredible boy with a heart of gold, always positive energy, a lot of fun,” she once said of the player.

5. Carol Belli (2012)

Neymar and Carol Belli were in a total romance back in 2012. For Carol, a former stage girl on Brazilian comedy show Panico na TV, things were real. She had been taking Neymar seriously, spending time speaking over the internet and attending his parties. She thought they were destined for a serious relationship. But Neymar chose to take that up with Bruna Marquezine instead, leaving Carol quite bitter.