When they say that animals and humans can make very good friends, most of the times they refer to dogs. Some footballers have got the dog pets they would die for, if necessary. But among them, there are those whose dogs look so weird by their sizes or shapes. All in all, here are the top 5 footballers who have weird dogs.

5. Jerome Boateng – Alphadog

Jerome Boateng got himself an original Alphadog from Amsterdam. The Bayern Munich defender’s male dog is one those kind of strong dogs with the ability to jump higher and push objects stronger. You will have to deal with the such a guardian so hard before entering Boateng’s home.

4. Marcelo – Massive Lola (Bear look)

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Lola quer beijinho 😘 🐻

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For his deep love of pets, Marcelo has five dogs: a massive Newfoundland named Lola, a labrador called Nala, a French bulldog Uly and two English bulldogs, Kiara and Thaig. But the Massive Lola gets everyone’s attention due to his huge size and look, with the wool looking like Marcelo’s afro hair. Lola looks like a young bear.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Bulldog

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Still talking to me?

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic will never stop calling himself the best in everything. He pets dog of a sturdy smooth-haired breed with a large head and powerful protruding lower jaw, a flat wrinkled face, and a broad chest. That’s a bulldog, though!

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