UEFA Champions League and Europa League draws were done on Monday. Manchester United fans are making the loudest noise because Paris Saint-Germain is already waiting to slaughter them in the round of 16. Liverpool will also face Bayern Munich but there is a strong feeling the Reds will overcome the challenge. Today, we want to look at clubs holding European record for most consecutive wins in History

5. PSV Eindhoven- 22 consecutive wins

Season: 1987/1988

Dutch giants PSV Eindhoven is a team that has seen a lot of success over the years. They used to conquer Europe when talent and youth system mattered more than petrodollars as we see today.

In 1987/1988 season they were hammering anything looking like a football team brought before them. To put everything into perspective, they won 22 matches in a row, now that is special.

4. Malmo- 23 consecutive wins

Season: 1949/1950

The famous Zlatan Ibrahimovich has put his former team and City Malmo on the map over the years. When people talk about the big Swede, the City has to be mentioned because that is where his greatness was first concocted.

In 1949/1950 season, the Club set a record that still stands to date; they demolished 23 teams in a row in a style not seen again in the country.

3. Celtic 25- consecutive wins

Season: 2003/2004

Scottish Premier is a league largely dominated by two giants. Celtic and Rangers fight for all the trophies in the country in a style similar to La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In 2003/2004 season, Rangers must have been dead because their rivals Celtic won 25 matches in a row in the League on their way to the Championship. In the 1951/1952 season, Dinamo Tirana from the Albanian League also won 25 consecutive matches.

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