In the modern world of online videos, big-name footballers are constantly roped into doing daft things on camera for either their club’s official YouTube accounts or their own accounts. Brazilians and Music go hand-in-hand. This time we use the videos to look at some Brazilian footballers who are good at music.

5. Marcelo

Marcelo is not just the best left-back in the world. Real Madrid star is the only player who is never afraid to crack humorous jokes on Cristiano Ronaldo. He even taught him how to dance. You will barely see an unhappy Marcelo.

4. David Luiz

David Luiz is famous for his endless jokes on and off the pitch. Most of the time, the Brazilian defender looks joyful. When he is with friends, in the dressing rooms, David Luiz enjoys dancing some Samba.

3. Willian

“If I wasn’t a Chelsea star I’d be playing a samba beat on the drums in Brazil,” said Borges once. “Percussion, drums, the pandeiro.” The pandeiro is the drum, a kind of tambourine with a tuneable head, that is regarded as the unofficial instrument of Brazil.

It is the sound of the Samba beat and Willian still plays it now. He also plays acoustic guitar. One could say that music and football go hand-in-hand once you’re in Brazil.

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