Mourinho is the football enigma. He has been described as a genius and at the same time, he has been described as a maniac. And despite having a contract extending his stay at Old Trafford until 2020, Mourinho is Mourinho. At his last 3 clubs, he has signed contract extensions and been out of the door within a year. Here are the main reasons why Mourinho Must Leave Manchester United.

5. Lack of any silverware

Jose Mourinho has always asked the public, media and fans to not expect much in the first season and to expect a lot in his second season. Yet, at Manchester United, he won the EFL Cup and Europa League in 2016-17 which is a good feat.

However, Mourinho didn’t win anything in 2017-18, failing on all fronts despite massive spending. He soon ran out of excuses and started laying blame on his players.

4. Excessive spending

Talking of massive spending, Mourinho has started his mind games for the season by taking aim at Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, who are among the favourites for the Premier League title after their extravagant spending.

However, though Liverpool spent £411.5m, they also received £289.65m in fees, mainly from the sale of Philippe Coutinho. This leaves Liverpool with a net spend of £121.9m. Manchester United, on the other hand, have received only £85.3m in fees, having dished out £392.55m. They thus have a much higher net spend on £307.25m.

3. Lack of youth development

Under Alex Ferguson, Manchester United were renowned for their development of world stars from the academy, and players signed at a young age. Mourinho has a history of derailing academy and youth programs at all his previous clubs, instead relying on more experienced aged members of his squad consistently.

Namely, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Matteo Darmian and Luke Shaw have all been sidelined for older heads and their development has been stunted.

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