The story of people rising from poverty to riches is one that has always been fascinating to learn about. However, some footballers were not just poor; they grew up on the streets.

5. Victor Moses

Victor Moses’ life could be made into a heart-wrenching feature film one day, after the Chelsea man was forced to seek asylum in London as an 11-year-old, following the murder of both his parents in war-torn Nigeria.

Growing up on the street, playing barefoot football, the winger was taken into a foster home in South London where he would eventually join Crystal Palace’s academy.

4. Juan Cuadrado

The northern Colombian city of Necocli has constantly been ravaged by violence and gang warfare, an environment where the Juventus star from Chelsea, Juan Cuadrado was raised.

The pacy winger saw his father shot before his eyes and spent his childhood playing football barefoot in the street, prior to making it as a professional footballer for local side Independiente Medellín.

3. Ronaldo

Not the Portuguese winger we’re all familiar with, but his Brazilian namesake who is no less a legend in the world of football. He was born in September 1976 in the poverty-stricken streets of Rio de Janeiro.

His first chance to escape the vicious cycle disappeared when he couldn’t raise enough money for the bus fare to attend a trial with Flamengo. However, he did finally manage to get his life on track by joining Cruzeiro in 1993.

He went on to play in some of the best clubs in the world like FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan.

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