Manchester United top scorer charts have been re-organized in recent years because unlike the last 40 years, there is a new man at the top. Sir Bobby Charlton held two records for club and country but both disappeared in less than two years. Today, we want to look at seven all-time highest goal scorers in Red Devils history. It is the most successful club domestically in Britain.

7. Ryan Giggs- 168 goals

The most decorated British Player of all time Ryan Giggs needed more matches (963) than anybody else in the history of the club to score 168 goals. We all know he was a wide midfielder whose job is to create goals. However, he scored some spectacular goals on his day. He is a great legend and an example to all footballers globally. To realize just how great he was, just take a look at his FA Cup goal against Arsenal. Joe Spence also netted 168 goals for the Red Devils.

6. George Best- 179 goals

He is always regarded as one of the best players Europe has ever seen but he never really exploited his full potential. George Best needed 470 matches to match Dennis Viollet goal tally of 179. Now it is easier to understand just how the later was clinical in front of goal. However, Best was a winger whose job was to create and assist before thinking about shooting to score.

5. Dennis Viollet- 179 goals

Dennis Viollet needed only 293 appearances to net 179 goals for Manchester United. This means he had an average of 0.61 goals per game. Dennis Law is the only other legend who comes close to him with an average of 0.59.  He is no doubt the best finisher ever in Red Devils history.

4. Jack Rowley- 211 goals

Jack Rowley needed only 424 matches to net 211 goals for the Red Devils. Like Dennis Law, his conversion rate was very high as compared to Rooney and Charlton ahead of him. He must have been a very lethal striker.

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