There are millions of fans out there who like Manchester United. There are also a few famous guys who are fans of The Red Devils too, people who you probably didn’t even realise cared about football. Down are some of the celebrities fans on the red devils.

5. Justin Timberlake -Singer

The singer Justin Timberlake is routinely associated with Manchester United and once claimed that Alan Smith was his favourite player, but “Ronaldo doesn’t suck either.” He has even been spotted wearing the Manchester United beanie.

4. Usain Bolt -Fastest man alive

It’s no secret that Usain Bolt is a Manchester United fan. He has routinely talked about his love for them and has even admitted that he’d love to try playing professional football and get into the United team.

Anyways, he’s set to appear in a charity football match at Old Trafford so he’s fulfilling his dream somewhat.

3. Floyd Mayweather -Boxer

The egotistical, yet best middleweight boxer in the world, is a Man United fan. He’s been snapped on photos posing with a Man United shirt. Check out this video of Mayweather wearing a Man United shirt winding up Manchester City fan and opponent Ricky Hatton.

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