Former Manchester United midfielder-turned-pundit Paul Ince has confirmed that Jose Mourinho side can’t score when Marouane Fellaini is in the playing squad.

United produced a cheerless display as they were held to a goalless draw at Old Trafford to Crystal Palace during their Premier League clash on Saturday afternoon.

Fellaini has replaced Jesse Lingard in the 60th minute but Ince has claimed that Belgium shouldn’t be brought on ahead of Alexis Sanchez.

But former Old Trafford star Ince believes Mourinho is not using Sanchez in the way he should be used.

“We’re talking about United, no disrespect to Palace, but bringing on Fellaini before Sanchez, what is the plan?” Ince said on Match of the Day 2.

“When United can’t score, bring Fellaini on, go long, Palace are set up for that.”

“They are relying on luck, knockdowns, Palace are set up for that.”

“Paying Sanchez half a million pounds, and not to be a quarterback. Playing long ball.”

“We don’t want him like that, we want him in the 18-yard area. Fans have been patient but I don’t see cohesion or how we are trying to play.”

Fellow pundit Upson agreed with Ince, as he said: “Palace carved the best opportunities and the better chances.”

“The biggest fear for United is that they cannot keep the ball.”

“Changes are the trait of a team that are struggling, changing what they are doing.”

“City stick to their plan. United change it because they are unsure.”

The North West side, who are looking their third win in the Champions League group stage, will be in action on Tuesday night as they face Young Boys At Old Trafford.

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