FIFA 19 demo is now out. As usual, EA Sports have released the details of the top rated players. As a surprise for the first time ever, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have the same overall FIFA rating. But who are other players to make the list? Here is a list of the top 10 best players in FIFA 19.

10. Toni Kroos (90)

Toni Kroos can play some of the most precise passes in the game with a more than decent shooting stat. The German sniper can be a real threat to his opponent’s goal due to his vision and creative thinking.

9. David De Gea (91)

De Gea seemed to be lost during the World Cup in Russia, but his performances for Manchester United probably covered him up. The Spanish emerged out from the shadows of Manuel Neuer to be rated as the best goalkeeper in FIFA 19.

8. Luis Suarez (91)

Luis Suarez remains the best FIFA striker thanks to his physical stats. The Uruguayan has been a clinical finisher in the past iterations of the game. His shooting stat is something that needs no mention.

7. Sergio Ramos (91)

For a consecutive year, Sergio Ramos becomes the best center back in FIFA. His astonishing defending stat complemented by high physical stat and good pace means most strikers would find it tough to get past him while running for a ball.

6. Eden Hazard (91)

Hazard has that something that many midfielders lack – the pace. He is incredibly quick down the wings and his outstanding dribbling can cause a serious disaster at the wings.

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