The image of football players at wild parties with crazy girls is reinforced every generation. What few of us might know, however, is that this image does not fit every star player. Off the field, some footballers are just shy but nice enough to maintain lasting romances with girlfriends and wives; or are too shy to even approach a girl. Down are some footballers who are too shy.

5. Lionel Messi

Midfielder Ivan Rakitic, earlier this year, explained why he believes his superstar teammate Lionel Messi has a shy personality. “He’s the reference. Our game depends a lot on him. He doesn’t need to talk to understand, a gesture is enough,” Rakitic told Antena 3.

“He is the best in history, capable of turning the game around in a second. He is shy because he knows that everyone is watching him. He is a different person from the others.” But whatever reasons, all we know, Messi is super SHY!

4. Sadio Mane

The Liverpool ace has so many reasons to be shy: a poor background, never went to school, facing disgrace, his village being his main sponsor, etc. Being a Muslim, he has an introvert nature too. But Sadio Mane is one footballer who might stay single for long because he is too shy to talk to girls.

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3. N’Golo Kante

He might be the monster on the pitch, but everyone knows how shy and quiet the French talisman is. Probably the quietest, humble and shiest footballer on earth.

Matter of fact, Kante was “too shy” to ask to hold the World Cup after France’s 4-2 final victory. Steven N’Zonzi had to step in to help him. He asked team-mates to let the midfielder have a go as the jubilant French team celebrated in the Moscow rain.

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