Footballers: we all know they are an overpaid, over-sexed bunch, but we excuse their sordid excesses as long as their off-field behavior has nothing to do with what happens on the pitch. But how would you feel if your little sister brought one home? Down are the footballers you wouldn’t want to marry your sister.

7. Wayne Rooney

Rooney married wife Coleen McLoughlin in 2008, despite previously admitting to his frequenting of massage parlors during their relationship. However, the story broke that he had been cheating on his wife with an escort. Does he deserve your sister?

Jenny Thompson sold her story to the tabloids, revealing Rooney paid her 1,000-a-night on several occasions over the course of four months and even took her for nights out in public, all while his wife was pregnant with their first child.

6. Mesut Ozil

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil might be one of the finest players in the game, but not everyone thinks highly of him. Sex scandals have been part of the parcel of the game, but the advent of various social media networks has made it easier to expose cheaters to the world.

in 2014, Ozil has been accused of having an affair with his ex-teammate’s girlfriend whilst he was in a relationship with Mandy Capristo. Capristo put an abrupt end to her relationship with the German and deleted all photos of the Arsenal midfielder from her social profiles.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese superstar continues to break record after record for Real Madrid and is seen alongside Lionel Messi as one of the greatest ever players in the modern game.

Ronaldo has everything and is not afraid to show off his body at any given opportunity. The Manchester United legend has a long list of ex-lovers that you can’t tell that he is settled; a risk you can’t take with your sister.

4. Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole earned himself the reputation as a bad boy when the media implicated him in a series of extra-marital affairs.

Back in 2008, Ashley and wife Cheryl were one of England’s power couples, however, it soon took a turn for the worst when it was revealed that models Coralie Robinson, Brooke Healy and hairdresser Aimee Walton were involved with the footballer.

When more allegations returned in 2010, he split from the nation’s darling Cheryl Cole and soon became one of England’s most hated men. And if Cole cheated on Cheryl, trust me your sister doesn’t stand a chance.

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