A number of Europe players’ parents or grandparents arrived in Europe as African immigrants two or three decades ago. European-raised, the young footballers chose not to represent African countries. But some of them have never hidden their past. Here are the top 4 Footballers of African origin who still take pride in their roots.

4. Ben Arfa

Ben Arfa’s father is a former Tunisian international footballer Kamel Ben Arfa. Kamel arrived in France in 1973 settling in Saint-Michel, Aisne to work in a foundry. His son Hatem Ben Arfa was born in the Paris suburb of Clamart later in 1987. But Ben Arfa takes some time and visit his relatives in Tunisia every year.

3. Patrice Evra

Evra was born in Dakar to a Senegalese diplomat of Guinean descent and a Cape Verdean mother. When Evra was 12 months old, his father moved the family to Brussels, Belgium, to work at the Senegalese embassy. They moved and settled in France two years later. Evra was raised on Senegalese culture and values that quickly became “Westernised”.

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