African football has continued to grow despite challenges of lack of facilities and poor management across the continent. A quick check of how other continents are doing and you will notice that more players from Africa are playing in Europe top leagues as compared to Asia, South America, and North America. Today, we can all agree that it is difficult to find any big team in Europe without a player from Africa. Let us look at the six all-time most expensive African footballers.

6. Sadio Mane- £35 Million

Senegal International attacking midfielder Sadio Mane is the sixth most expensive African footballer of all time. Liverpool coughed out £35million or €40.81 Million in June 2016 to sign the star from Southampton. He is a very hardworking player who makes things happen even when the game is very tough. Jurgen Klopp knows how important his work rate is and that is the reason he has given him shirt number 10 this season.

5. Mohamed Salah- £36.9 Million

Liverpool paid AS Roma £36.9 million in 2017 to sign Mohamed Salah. The Italian club owner recently revealed how the Reds negotiators complained about being overcharged for the Egyptian. However, in the modern market, the signing was a bargain. The 25-year-old went to score 32 goals which is a new Premier League record. He won all individual awards available in English top flight football except of course the Coach and Goalkeeper positions. He won PFA Award, FA Award, BBC African Footballer of the Year, and Writers Award among others. He also lifted the Golden Boot.

4. Naby Keita- £52.75 Million

Liverpool has a strong African representation in the squad. Jurgen Klopp would’ve suffered when AFCON comes around but the Good news is the tournament has been moved to June and July. The Reds signed Guinea International midfielder Naby Keita for £52.75 million.  He is a perfect box-to-box midfielder.

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