The English Premier League is by far the most competitive top-flight competition in the world. Not only does it lure large crowds and fanbases but also provides enthralling action week-in-week-out. But with every big team having world-class players, some are underrated considering their roles in the team. All in all, here are the most underrated players from each of the Premier League’s top big 5.

5. Arsenal – Alex Iwobi

Arsenal has got their big smiles once again. The goal-scoring is carried out by the likes of Ozil, Lacazette, Ramsey and Aubameyang. But Alex Iwobi’s contribution to the attack is quite priceless. In fact, the Nigerian is exquisite with the ball on his feet which means a lot for the Gunners. He is also beneficial to the team if the manager chooses to play both Aubameyang and Lacazette. But only a few see that.

4. Manchester City – Fernandinho

Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Sergio Aguero hold all the headlines when it comes to Manchester City talks. But one of the key factors that contribute to the Citizens’ pace of play and freedom to express is the presence of Fernandinho in midfield. His service often goes unobserved, but it is he who watches the counter-attacking possibilities of the opposition.

3. Liverpool- Adam Lallana

Lallana is currently below the likes of Henderson, Shaqiri, Milner, Keita and Wijnaldum in the pecking order. But nobody remembers that the former England international is an innovative yet gifted player. Lallana can switch from defence to attack in a flash and is highly energetic in the middle of the park.

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