Firstly, they’re enjoyable for their consequences. Goals win matches and winning matches is fun. Winning matches is the best way to win trophies, which is even better. These goal celebrations create circumstances in which we can gain insight into the personalities of those playing. Down are football’s most recognizable celebration routines.

6. Luis Suarez’s -three kisses

Yes, he bit someone and yes he bit someone else and, fine, there was a third person he decided to bite. And there was that Patrice Evra stuff. But it’s fine because he loves his family and kisses the tattoos he got in their honor.

5. Edinson Cavani -finger-gun

The footballing world is full of wacky goal celebrations; from Robbie Keane’s cartwheels, Peter Crouch’s robot, and Facundo Sava’s mask. None of those outbursts were likely to end in a booking, so long as the jubilant goalscorer remembered to keep his shirt on.

But Cavani was booked back in 2014 after pulling his trademark “finger-gun” pose while celebrating his side’s final goal in victory over Ligue 1 strugglers Lens. Cavani had to explain it was all about his love for hunting.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo -leap and spread

Rumour has it that Ronaldo created a focus group of body language experts and semioticians in order to find the combination of movements that best conveyed the sentence, “I have a massive, massive ego”. Well, this is what they came up with.

3. Mohamed Salah -Kissing the pitch

Mohamed Salah’s outstretched arms celebration has became a regular feature at Anfield and across Europe this season. The Egyptian has notched 43 goals on his way to bagging the PFA Player of the Year award as well as the FWA gong.

Salah also elaborated on another aspect of his celebration in an interview with CNN’s Inside the Middle East programme. What his now-trademark Liverpool celebration does REALLY mean?

Part of his routine involves falling to his knees and pressing his head to the turf, which is often confused for the Egyptian kissing the ground.

“No. It’s not kissing the ground,” he said. “Something like praying or like thank the God for what I have received, but yeah, it’s just praying and praying for a win. [I’ve] always done that since I was young, everywhere.”

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