With lots of money and a brief playing career, it’s hardly surprising many footballers are striking out as entrepreneurs. From agencies to clothing lines, these seven footballer and successful businessmen are staying ahead of the game.

7. Louis Saha -Entrepreneur

The former France international striker launched his company in 2013, the same year he retired after 23 years in the game. His Axis Stars provides financial advice for professional athletes, coaches, and agents with the aim of preventing bankruptcy; something that has plagued many once-wealthy stars down the years.

Sportsmen who signed up have included Andy Murray, Didier Drogba, Phil Neville and Florent Malouda among others.

6. Gerrard Pique -Gaming Company

Gerard Pique is a decent gambler. He is one of the top 150 poker players in Spain, winning £94,000 at recent tournaments. He also owns gaming company Kerad Games and a 27% share in Bas Alimentaria, an additive-free Catalan meat company. Nicely played, Gerard.

5. David Beckham -Footwork Productions

Even though he hung up his boots five years ago, Becks remains one of the most recognizable sportsmen on the planet; endorsements in everything from Adidas and Armani to Samsung and H&M managed via his image rights company Footwork Productions.

But it’s not just other companies he is promoting, as Becks has become something of an entrepreneur himself along with wife Victoria Beckham. With DB Ventures Limited, he banked £29m over the past two years in dividends; giving him a total net worth of £450m, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo -CR7

Ronaldo owns two clothing stores and his own shoe brand, modestly entitled “CR7 Footwear”. He also recently launched a chain of boutique hotels, entitled (guess what) CR7 Hotels. We don’t know if his face adorns all the pillows but we wouldn’t bet against it.

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