While some people keep pigs as their precious pets, others keep them in their farms as food and business products. On the other hands, there are others who enjoy visiting beach pigs in the Bahamas islands. Without so much to say, let’s take a look at 5 footballers who posed with pigs.

5. Harry Kane

Exuma Cays, an archipelago just east of the main Bahamian islands, offers tourists the opportunity to play with the friendly porkers in the clear, blue water. Tottenham striker Harry Kane had to take that advantage to swim with some pigs in the sea.

4. Wayne Rooney

Swimming with pigs must probably be impressive at some point! Even Wayne Rooney was surprised to come across those animals at the sea during his Bahamas holidays. He posted it with wife, Coleen and their son Klay on Instagram with the caption: “Didn’t expect to see pigs in the sea in the Bahamas! Haha.”

3. Isco

Last summer, Real Madrid ace Isco showed some love with nature out in Barbados. The Spanish playmaker, along with his girlfriend Sara Salamo, got up close and personal with sharks, iguanas, and the famous swimming pigs as part of their holiday. ‘Today we have bathed with sharks, fed giant iguanas and have been on the best beach in the world,’ Salamo wrote on her Instagram.

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