Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has slammed Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho once again.

Scholes frequently criticised the Portuguese boss for the Red Devils poor performance since he took over at Old Trafford in 2016.

The former Chelsea boss was on the brink of being sacked before United’s 3-2 win over Newcastle United on 6 October at Old Trafford.

Therefore, former United and England midfielder Scholes believes Mourinho is still good manager but he always wonders why his side keep getting outplayed.

Asked by ESPN if United players aren’t playing for Mourinho, Scholes said: “It’s hard for me to say because I was never in a team, be it Man United or England, where I went out with the intention of getting a manager sacked. I never went out and thought ‘I’ll not try’.”

“I’m not saying that any Man United player has ever done that but you hear so much stuff now that you think it could be possible.”

“I’d hate that if it’s true if any player set out to play badly on purpose. I’ve had loads of bad games, but never on purpose.”

“The big thing with United is the effort and the attitude. When you looked at the West Ham game last week, it looked like the biggest sign of players not wanting to play for Jose, but I would not sack him.”

“I hope the situation is retrievable. I’d like Jose to show people why he’s such a great coach because this is his biggest test in football. It’d be amazing [if he could turn it around]. Is it possible? I don’t know.”

“He still is [a good manager]. Well, I think he still is, but you wonder why his side keep getting outplayed. People talk about the first 10 games of this season but last year it was the same.”

“The reason we finished second last year was because of the goalkeeper. Good goalkeepers are not easy to find. [David] De Gea’s not been quite as good this season, not saving them all like did all last year.”

Mourinho’s side are back in the Premier League action on Saturday as they face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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