French midfielder Paul Pogba has responded to critics over his performance at Manchester United in the best way possible.

The 25-year-old was criticised by fans, legends and pundits after missing a penalty during United’s 2-1 win over Everton in the weekend.

The France international has managed to score on rebound after the penalty being saved by goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Despite having saved his blushes scoring an open goal, it didn’t stop critics laying-in to the World Cup winner.

“It’s not right, it doesn’t feel right,” former Manchester United defender Gary Neville said.

“It’s not how you would kick a ball in normal play – it goes against everything you’re taught.”

Former Liverpool midfielder Graeme Souness claimed Pogba was arrogant while taking the penalty.

“I don’t like to see this,” Souness said. “I personally think it’s a bit ‘look at me, look at me’. I just don’t get this penalty.”

“I think he’s moved the ball quickly today, he’s been uncomplicated, but he’s been really good today. If he can do that week in, week out, he’d be a proper top player.”

However, the former Juventus ace doesn’t seem to be affected by his critics’ opinions.

The Frenchman posted a video on his Twitter account where he took over 30 steps getting into one of his luxury sports cars.

However, some fans found it hilarious on social media.

“Brilliant! If you can’t get into your car after the first attempt, don’t forget there is always the rebound!” one fan wrote.

Another said: “Love you bro close the mouth of haters.”

“Hahahahaha love you Pogs mate,” a third fan said.

A fourth supporter commented: “This is a top attitude. First, he admits he’ll change his penalty style and now he’s responding positively to the trolls.”

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