Some spend the summer at the beach with their families and lovers, while others spend it doing their hobbies. But there are those who take it to attempt playing other sports. Today, we will take a look at four footballers who attempt other sports.

4. Jerzy Dudek – Racing

Dudek is remembered for winning the Champions League with Liverpool in 2005. He also spent four years at Real Madrid before retiring in 2013. The former Polish goalkeeper promptly swapped the football pitch for the racing track. He also plays Hockey.

In 2014, Dudek completed his first full season in the Volkswagen Castrol Cup. This is a racing championship held in circuits around Eastern Europe during the summer months. Now Dudek competes in endurance races. “Motor racing was my passion before football,” he told LFCTV. “Now I’m taking in new tactics about cars, about different tracks.”

3. Joe Hart – Cricket

While England headed to Russia for the World Cup, their former number one took to the cricket field in Shrewsbury. Hart, who spent last season with West Ham United, also took a catch for his hometown team.

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