When you play for Manchester United you have to make sure you give 150% of your efforts on the pitch not only because you play for a big side or you want to build your career, but also because the club does its best to make sure you live a high end standard of life.

As one of richest football clubs on the planet, Man United owns an amazing team bus, a customized Van Hool TDX27 ASTROMEGA built by a Belgium company. Today’s we suggest you to explore it.

Red devils team bus is super huge. Standing 3.9 meters high, 14 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, the exceptional bus cuts an imposing sight.


Built on two levels, the upper deck has 29 seats and the lower deck has nine.

On board there are 24 individual TV monitors, some are found in the seat backs and others hang overhead.

Passengers have the option of watching Netflix, DVDs and the TVs are hooked up to Sky.

The famous bus has also its own WiFi internet access, so Lingard, Pogba, Pogba & co can just listen to their Spotify instead.

And if the players need something to eat, they have plenty of options for making food.

In the lower deck, there’s a kitchen equipped with two hot air ovens that cost £770 each, a microwave costing £630 and a self-serve coffee machine worth £540.

Also in the kitchen is a fridge, a hot water boiler-tap, as well as a coffee percolator and many other kitchen utensils.

Finally, the bathroom is built in Aeroplane-style, there’s a small toilet and a washroom area.