Some women grow up aspiring to date footballers. A shopping trip here and a haircut there, they will do whatever it takes to improve their appearance and make themselves stand out. They then frequent the players’ favourite haunts in the hope that one of them will take notice. These tactics have worked for some while others have been left lamenting over their wasted efforts. Down are the supermodels that dated many footballers.

5. Gemma Atkinson -Cristiano Ronaldo, and Marcus Bent

Atkinson had an on/off relationship with Everton’s Marcus Bent, who split up with the model to date Danielle Lloyd. Bent soon came running back and the two got engaged but the forward became paranoid about the attention Atkinson was receiving.

She then dated a young Cristiano Ronaldo in 2007 when he started to show his potential at Manchester United, but unlike his form, the relationship only lasted a few months.

4. Fanny Neguesha -Mario Balotelli, Cheikhou Kouyate, and Mario Lemina

Neguesha was Balotelli’s Georgina Rodriguez, meaning the girl we thought would put an end to the playboy ways and make the guy want to settle down eventually. This certainly seemed to be happening when they got engaged right before last year’s FIFA World Cup.

He couldn’t stop gushing about how happy he was that she’d said yes. However, they broke up just a few months later. Then, rumors began swirling about a relationship with Cheikhou Kouyate after she shared photos of them on Instagram, and was spotted shopping with him in Milan.

She is now with Southampton midfielder Mario Lemina, and they expect a child. The Gabon star, 25, announced in a gushing Instagram post that girlfriend Fanny Neguesha is pregnant.

3. Elisabeth Reyes -Sergio Ramos, Alexis Ruano, and Sergio Sanchez

Reyes is a model and occasional moderator who just happens to be a former Miss Spain. Thus it was probably no surprise that she went on to bag Real Madrid captain. Reyes and Ramos dated for about a year then broke up.

The former Miss Spain then went on to date Getafe defender Alexis Ruano but was also not meant to be. She ended up with another footballer called Sergio Sanchez who plays for Panathinaikos. They got married three years ago and welcomed their first child in this year.

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