Zinedine Zidane has announced that he has resigned as Real Madrid manager five days after Champions League win.

The 45-year-old has now stepped down after leading the Spanish giants to three consecutive Champions League triumphs.

The Frenchman has told a press conference that everything changes and that’s why he took a decision to leave. But he admitted that it’s a ‘see you soon’ not a goodbye.

“It’s not a beautiful day because it’s a complicated thing. I say that I’m not staying but it’s not a sad day for me, it’s an ‘hasta pronto’ a ‘see you soon’ not a goodbye.”

“This relationship isn’t going to change, not for anything.”

Asked about best and worst memories, Zidane replied:

“The best memory was being able to play for this club. It is the dream of many players to play even one day for Real Madrid. The most beautiful moment was when the president brought me to play for this great club.”

“If there’s one as a coach, it was winning La Liga. For me, that was the top. This year the worst was losing the game against Leganés in the second leg of the Copa del Rey. I won’t use the word but you know it.”

“It’s not as simple as just staying. I think it would be difficult to keep winning if I stayed.”

“I’m not tired of coaching. After three years of coaching. But I think this is the right moment for me to change.”

Asked how Ramos took it and his future plans, Zidane revealed:

“I’m not going to coach another team right now. I’m not looking for another team.”

“I’ve sent a message to all the squad and I’ve spoken to Sergio Ramos. As always as a person and captain, we have lived a lot together, he respects my decision. He wished me luck. He is a leader, a captain and it has been a pleasure to share three more years with him.”

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has conceded that Zidane’s decision was unexpected.

“This was a totally unexpected decision and today is a sad day for me and for everyone who works for this club.”

“When he says he’s taken a decision though, we have to accept it.”

“I tried to convince him but I know how it is. He knows he has all our love and support.”

“One can’t be prepared for something like this. I remember the first time I went to his house and asked him to coach Real Madrid and he was absolutely convinced he could win things.”

“We must thank him for his care and passion for Real Madrid over these years.”

“The only thing I want to say is ‘hasta pronto’ because I know he will return, maybe after a rest.”

Zidane, who replaced Spanish manager Rafael Benitez, has won nine trophies as a manager including three Champions League and one La Liga title since taking over in January 2016.

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