Lionel Messi is not just a football legend but also belongs to the league of the 4 GOATs (the Greatest Of All Time), which includes Pele, Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, and him. He has won each and every single football award and people love him for his skills and dedication. But there are some facts that many people never knew about Messi’s off the pitch life. All in all, here are the 6 things you didn’t about Leo Messi’s personal life.

6. Barcelona helped him fight his disease as a child

When he was a child, Messi suffered from growth hormone deficiency. As part of medication, he injected human growth hormone into his legs for a period of three years. The treatment cost was $1,500 a month, which was covered by Barcelona.

5. He has a cosmopolitan origin

Messi has the heritage from a variety of cultures. His father’s family emigrated from Italy while his mother is from Lebanon. His other relatives are from England as well.

4. Messi hates talking on the phone

Messi does not like talking on the phone unless it is very urgent. The best way to reach him is via an SMS, WhatsApp, or email. A bit confusing, ain’t it?!

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