Almost every superstar enjoys driving luxurious cars. Even when it comes to hobbies, athletes enjoy watching movies, songs, or going for an adventure. But there few whose hobby comes to polo or riding horses. Some even own horse racing or polo teams, and they call them cowboys. All in all, here are 5 footballers who enjoy riding horses.

5. Gabriel Batistuta

“I’ve always liked horses – I’ve ridden them since I was a very young child, so it’s in my blood,” said Gabriel Batistuta. After football, the former Argentinian’s hobby is polo! He said: “Playing polo gets my adrenaline going; it’s a similar sensation to the one I used to get when I walked onto a football pitch in Serie A or for Argentina. Back home in Reconquista, I have a stall for polo horses and my own team called La Gloria Polo Team.

4. Alexis Sanchez

South Americans and horses march hand in hands. Though his dogs come first, Manchester United star Alex Sanchez does not forget his Chilean hobbies. Once in his homeland, Sanchez enjoys riding the horses. He also likes attending horse racings.

3. Diego Forlan

For the Cowboys, nothing is amazing than riding a horse at a sunset. Former Uruguayan Diego Forlan must be a cowboy on that matter! Apart from football, Forlan has got some love for horse-riding.

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