Normally, footballers should never imbibe alcohol, but as we know, the temptations that come with being young, rich and popular often lead to messy nights and tabloid splashes. But the following list serves as a warning to what can happen if things get out of control; seven biggest footballers who struggled with alcohol.

7. Adriano

Adriano had everything a modern striker should have: speed, technique and an enormous strength. This Brazilian was a true sensation in the Italian Serie A and for the national team.

However, Adriano found too many temptations in life. He showed up at practice drunk and tired from clubbing numerous of times. His last contract was at his youth love Flamengo in Brazil, where he didn’t manage to play a single match.

6. Socrates (1954-2011)

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Another Brazilian who loved the good life just a little too much. A liver transplant in 2011 could not fix the stomach problems he was suffering from because of alcohol abuse. Later that year he died.

For the fans, he is still known as a brilliant playmaker in the samba style of Brazil. In 60 appearances for his country, Socrates scored 22 goals.

5. Tony Adams

For years a top defender for both his club Arsenal and the national team of England. From the mid 80’s Adams was caught up in many bar fights and other incidents. In 1990 he got sentenced to four months in prison for being while drunk driving.

In 1996 though, he turned his life around and started to fight alcoholism. But it was too late to save his career.

4. Diego Maradona

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Probably the best football player ever. Worldwide known for his cocaine addiction, but in his biography, Maradona revealed that he was quite the drinker too. He said he could have been way better if he didn’t drink a bottle of whiskey every night.

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