How much sex should footballers be having when they are preparing to play and performing on the game’s biggest stage? Is it a harmful distraction or perhaps a positive one? And how do their bosses keep it under control? Down are some of the best sex stories of the 2018 WorldCup.

3. Mexico players were allowed to have sex

FC Porto midfielder Hector Herrera, Benfica striker Raul Jimenez and Giovani dos Santos of the LA Galaxy alongside other 5 from the Mexican squad, had fun with 30 escorts.

Cabral said. “They got involved with escorts and hookers. Most of them have families and are married men. Hector Herrera had to fly straight to Portugal, where his wife lives, so he could talk with her. That wasn’t good for the team.”

News outlets around the globe picked up on the news, but the players were not punished. Guillermo Cantu of the Mexican Football Federation explained the decision: “A free day is a free day, and those are the risks that one runs with freedom.”

Was the sex party the root to their victory over Germany?

2. Germany: Sex ban didn’t help

While Mexico were having a sex party, Germany received the opposite news coverage prior to the Cup, having banned its players from having sex while on duty. Joachim Low was so clear with this one. And the results? Mexico beat Germany.

To end this, Sexologist, Megan Stubbs, stated, “as long as it isn’t a marathon sex and nothing wild with an increased of injury, I think sex before a game is great.”

1. Brazil followed their nation’s legacy

Brazil is a nation with a lot of history in the area of sex at major tournaments. Even back in 1958, as described in Love, Sex and Betrayal in Cups by Leonardo Bertozzi and Gustavo Hofman, officials requested that all 28 women working at their hotel base be replaced by men, so as to not distract the players.

But their plan did not work. The local women still caught the eye of star men such as Garrincha, who would reportedly disappear into the nearby woods for liaisons. At pretty much every tournament since, coaches have been quizzed on their teams’ sex stances.

But at 2018 World Cup, Jesus and his teammates were able to get a bit of nookie if they so wish. Team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar had scheduled times when meetups with partners are allowed, per newspaper Extra (via Sputnik).

And Jesus received a great advice from a Brazilian legend: “Have enough sex,” he was told by Romario, one of the greatest Brazilian goalscorers of all time.

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