For the third time in last 10 years Liverpool have reached Christmas leading the Premier League table. For the last 2 times they lost the title and they are the only club to fair to lift it having reached Christmas toping the table. Are they going to make any change this time?

Premier League returns this week end and they will play arch rivals Arsenal. Chelsea will visit Crystal Palace, while Man United will host Bournemouth

Premier League aside, let us look at seven Premier League clubs hated the most by percentage.

7. Manchester City- 38.7%

Manchester City does not have so many enemies in England. In fact, their biggest haters are not so far from Etihad. Manchester United fans rank top of the chart for obvious reasons. They used to hate City because over the years they were just another average side. Today, there is no doubt they dislike them for taking their place in the City. Since Sheikh Monsour arrived in 2008, a lot has changed for the better at Etihad and this does not go well with the Red half of the City. This rivalry will be renewed when the two sides face each other in Premier League this coming weekend.

6. Tottenham HotSpurs- 43.5%

It is not a coincidence that Tottenham Hotspurs find themselves right next to Arsenal on this list. The two are bitter North London rivals. Arsenal has enjoyed more success over the years but the tide has changed in the last couple of years. Spurs have finished in the top four (2nd & 3rd) in the last two seasons but the Gunners finished 5th and 6th respectively. The new Spurs Stadium set to be opened soon will have few more seats than Emirates for bragging rights purposes. It is also expected that other London clubs hate Spurs too. They include; Chelsea, Millwall, West Ham, Fulham, QPR among others.

5. Arsenal- 46.2%

Arsenal biggest haters come from Tottenham Hotspurs. The two North London rivals have witnessed chaotic, tense and sometimes bloody meetings. The players need zero motivation from their coaches when preparing for this particular fixture. However, the biggest rivalry in English football in the last two decades was between Arsenal and Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger fought hard for the championship especially between 1997 to 2005. Jose Mourinho arrival at Chelsea in 2004 changed the metrics but the fans still don’t like each other. It is also expected that other London clubs including The Blues, Millwall, West Ham, Fulham, QPR among others will have an issue with the Gunners.

4. West Ham United- 47.6%

It is not a surprise to see West Ham United ranking higher than Spurs and Arsenal in London. The Hammers fans are known for their unruly behaviors. They have always struggled against the three top sides in the City making their fans react terribly to try and unsettle them. It is something Manuel Pellegrini must deal with to restore the image of the club.

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