Neymar – Mbappe duo is probably the best in the world today. The Brazilian and the French man have combined forces to turn PSG into a strong team in Europe. Off the pitch, the duo is seen having some fun together. It’s no wonder that Neymar has had a great impact on Mbappe’s life today. Let’s take a look at the top 5 crazy things Mbappe has learned from Neymar.

5. Fashion (Dressing codes)

Back in the days when he was still at Monaco, Mbappe was just a simple lad whose focus is only on football. But after meeting the Brazilian star, Kylian has turned into a stylish man beside football. Mbappe’s fashion sense is surprisingly down to earth now.

4. Diving style of play (FALLBALL)

Neymar’s slippery antics have gone viral during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The Brazilian lad either has deficient ankle strength or takes every referee for a fool! The same spirit has started to roll into his PSG mate, Mbappe, slow by slow. When his side has won, Mbappe does it all to waste the time and annoy his opponents. Neymar must have been a good teacher.

3. Hair colors

Mbappe is among few footballers who show zero interests in tattoos and hairstyles. But last year, the Frenchman surprised the world with a white hair on his 19th birthday. Though it did take long before he got back to his normal, people are still convinced that it was all Neymar’s influence as the Brazilian is famous for his numerous hairstyles.

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