Football is getting more lucrative every year. Top investments from billionaires from all corners of the World are making the game a money affair. For instance, Manchester City and PSG are few examples of clubs that have been transformed by massive cash injections in recent years. However, the traditional giants are still hanging on mainly because of prudent management of resources. The popularity of these clubs is also a major advantage. Today, we want to take a look at top seven most valuable football clubs according to the latest report by Forbes.

7. Chelsea- $2.062 billion

Chelsea has been overtaken by Arsenal, Manchester City and Bayern Munich in recent years. The Blues current value stands at $2.062 billion according to Forbes latest figures. Stamford Bridge total revenue last season amounted to $466 million.

The club is currently in limbo in regard to player signings and coaching team. Antonio Conte will reportedly be sacked but there is no indication who will take over from him. Club owner Roman Abramovich had visa application problems with UK authorities and he later withdrew it.

6. Arsenal- $2.238 billion

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal at the end of last season after over two decades in charge. The club was not doing very well on the pitch in the last few years but it is in perfect health financially. According to Forbes 2018 report, the Gunners is the sixth most valuable club in the World today. The London side raked in $531 million in revenue last season. They are currently valued at $2.238 billion.

5. Manchester City- $2.474 billion

Since Sheikh Monsour bought Manchester City in 2008, the club has grown significantly in all angles. Today, Pep Guardiola side is the second most valuable club in the Premier League behind cross-town rivals Manchester United. Forbes latest numbers put them above Arsenal and Chelsea with a value of $2.474 billion. Last season revenue stands at $575 million.

4. Bayern Munich- $3.063 billion

Bayern Munich lifted their sixth Bundesliga title in six years in 2017/18 season. The German League is becoming a one-team affair and the local media is now calling for a change in the structure of the division. The Bavarians will not be bothered by that because they earned $640 million in revenue last season. They are currently the fourth most valuable club in the World at $3.063 billion.

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