Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has praised former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson for managing the Red Devils successfully for so long. He however doesn’t see himself lasting that long in football management.

The Blues boss also identified Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for guiding the Gunners so well for over 20 years now.

“You are talking about two monsters, two great managers,” Conte said.

“For me, fantastic managers because Sir Alex Ferguson is a good example for me,’’

Sir Alex Ferguson

The former Juventus and Italy Coach believes 10 years will be enough for him given that he is now 47 years.

“When I see him, but also when I see Arsene, they are a big example for me. I hope to have not completely their career, but 10 years, yes. It’s enough for me.


“Twenty more years? Now I’m 47. I prefer that my wife doesn’t listen to this. This is our life. Football is our life, with this pressure, with all. Football is our life and it’s right to continue to live in football. In the moment that football is not in our life, I think probably we die.”

Chelsea is currently top of the Premier League table with 49 points 5 clear of second place Liverpool.

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