The world continues to enjoy the very best football Europe has to offer every year. This week, we have enjoyed the return of UEFA Champions League and Europa League. Today, we want to give you another side of football stars you might not be aware of. We take a look at football stars who cheated death by a whisker after terrible car accidents. WARNING: Some images might be disturbing.

6. Karim Benzema- Lamborghini Gallardo

Real Madrid attacker Karim Benzema has been a beast in front of goal for years. The Frenchman does not score tap-ins and the same applies when he decides to take the wheel. One day he decided to give himself a nice drive to celebrate his birthday only to crash and damage his Lamborghini Gallardo on holiday at Reunion Island.

5. Ian Wright- Ferrari 360 Spyder

Arsenal legend Ian Wright was once a danger man in front of goal for the Gunners. The prolific striker also enjoyed driving supercars. One day he decided to make his dream of driving at top speed a reality and the result was devastating. He turned off traction control and before he knew it the car had crashed.

Wright said; “Any Ferrari driver knows that when you turn the ASR off you’re dancing with the Devil. And if you dance with the Devil you’ve got to be prepared to get your toes stood on.”

4. Mario Balotelli- Audi R8

Nice forward Mario Balotelli is no stranger to controversy. The former Manchester City attacker started his dramas few days after signing for the club from Inter Milan. He had just received a customized Audi R8 worth £120k. In less than a month, the Italian had crashed the vehicle beyond recognition. Roberto Mancini was paying the striker well and so he easily bought another car.

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