Football is a game of forced luck; you prepare all week for a match but still lose. You buy the best players, pay the highest salaries but still fail to win the big titles. However, over the years we have witnessed all manner of tactics used by clubs, players and managers to win matches for personal gains. Today we highlight some of these heinous crimes committed in the name of victory at all cost. We look at biggest scandals in football history.

6. Olympique Marseille Scandal of 1993

The list cannot be complete without the mention of French Ligue 1 biggest scandal of the 20th Century. It involved 1993 Uefa Champions League winners Olympique Marseille. The Police discovered that the club general manager Jean Pierre Berenes and star midfielder Jean-Jacques Eydelie had bribed Valenciennes players Christophe Robert and Jorge Barrachaga to throw away the league decider against them.

The match had already been played and Marseille had won 1-0 to be crowned champions. The French giants lost the title for that year and the previous year. They were also fined and relegated to the second division. Star players like Eric Cantona and Didier Deschamps left the club.

5. Gold Cup Chicken Drug Scandal

The scandal happened recently in 2011 in North and Central America tournament referred to as Gold Cup. It involved 5 Mexican players who tested positive to performance-enhancing drug called clenbuterol. The official, however, denied the results blaming a chicken the players had eaten earlier in the tournament. The rest of the team continued and even ended up winning the tournament.

4. Liverpool-Man United Good Friday betting scandal

Liverpool and Manchester United are well known bitter rivals in the history of English Premier League. However, there is one time in history they came together to orchestrate a plan to kick out Chelsea from the league.

It was a match between the two clubs and the Red Devils needed a win to avoid relegation. Liverpool players for some reasons hated Chelsea so much that they were willing to help United so as the London team can drop to the championship.

So on 2nd April 1915, players from both clubs met in a club and came up with the plan. Money was also part of the deal. The plan leaked and most of the players involved were charged and suspended. Luckily for United, the league was expanded and they somehow stayed up.

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