Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Manchester United and people rushed to social media to troll the poor manager; Manchester Airport and Surrey Police are among them.

The club made the announcement that Mourinho had been sacked and Michael Carrick will take care of the club for the next few days, with a permanent replacement yet to be announced.

Despite United’s poor performance the announcement came as a surprise to some fans and it hasn’t take long for some fans for call for Sir Alex Ferguson to come back.

Fans reacted differently to the news on social media, and it didn’t take long for the calls for Fergie to come back to take care of their club.

Some have dubbed the news Mourinho was leaving as ‘an perfect Christmas present,’ others – mainly Liverpool and City fans – saying it’s a loss to see him go.

And Manchester Airport was not left behind, they joked about the sorry asking  if there were flights for Portugal.

Despite this, it’s clear he is a great manager and well respected in the world of football, with a lot of United fans saying ‘he just wasn’t the man for the job’.