Premier League matchday 23 completed on Sunday with two fixtures that will define how the top half of the table will look like at the end of the season. Manchester City responded to Liverpool with a 3-0 win to remain 4 points behind them at the top. Tottenham crawled towards the finish line with a narrow 2-1 win against Fulham. Manchester United is now only 3 points behind their 4th placed target Chelsea. Arsenal will be in the mix too because they defeated the Blues to send shockwaves at Stamford Bridge. Today, let us look at five best scoring midfielders in the history of Premier League. (Since 1992)

5. Matt Le Tissier- 101 Goals

Southampton Legend Matt Le Tissier takes position five in the list. The former midfielder created many goals for strikers but he also scored 101 times in 270 times he played for the Saints. The legendary St. Marys star will be remembered by the club faithful for years to come. Only Premier League goals are included. First division goals not included.

4. Paul Scholes- 107 Goals

Paul Scholes is one of the best midfielders of his generation. Manchester United legend won every trophy during his time at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson. He retired in the same year the Scott said goodbye. The English midfielder scored some of the greatest goals in the history of the club. He netted a total of 107 goals in 499 matches most of them screamers from outside the box.

3. Ryan Giggs- 109 Goals

British Most decorated footballer Ryan Giggs played until he was 40 years. He is one of the few players that started their careers a few years after Sir Alex Ferguson took over at Manchester United. He won almost every trophy his Coach lifted. He has a record 13 Premier League medals among other trophies. The Welshman netted 109 goals in 632 matches he played. He also holds assists record with 162 in his name. He is now trying to get his coaching career going with Wales national team.

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