Players aren’t the only ones who could get smoking hot wives and girlfriends. So do their coaches. It’s not that difficult to see why. Coaches have the money to attract some of the hottest women that they could find. Down are the hottest football managers’ wags.

5. Arsene Wenger’s Annie Brosterhous

Wenger was married to former basketball player Annie Brosterhous, with whom he has one daughter, Léa (born 1997). Wenger and Brosterhous separated in 2015. He is now married to football, and spends his leisure time predominantly studying football matches, stating that he “watches games on most days.”

4. Zinedine Zidane’s Veronique Zidane

At the age of 17, Zidane met his future wife, Véronique Fernández, while playing for Cannes in the 1988–89 season. Married in 1994, they have four sons: Enzo Alan Zidane Fernández (born 24 March 1995), Luca Zidane Fernández (born 13 May 1998), Theo Zidane Fernández (born 18 May 2002), and Elyaz Zidane Fernández (born 26 December 2005).

3. Jose Mourinho’s Matilde Faria

Mourinho met his wife Matilde “Tami” Faria, born in Angola, when they were teenagers in Setúbal, Portugal, and the couple married in 1989. Their first child, daughter Matilde, was born in 1996 and they had their first son, José Mário, Jr., who plays football for Fulham’s youth team, four years later.

Mourinho, whilst dedicated to football, describes his family as the center of his life and has noted that the “most important thing is my family and being a good father.” He was selected as the New Statesman Man of the Year 2005 and was described as a man devoted to both his family and his work.

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