With contact lenses, it hard today to know which footballers need glasses to see. But off-pitch these footballers tend to feel free to fit in some eyewear. Some use them to see, others to make a spectacle of themselves. Here are Five of the footballers seen wearing glasses.

5. Kaka

Kaka has walked the walk on the pitch and picked up both the Champions League and World Cup. Whilst the skillful South American had an eye for a pass, he tends to wear thin-rimmed glasses off the pitch and even modeled for Emporio Armani’s eyewear collection in 2009.

4. Jerome Boateng

Aside from his match-winning performances, Boateng has adopted several cool glasses recently. His style and fashion caught the attention of rapper Jay-Z who has signed him up to Roc Nation Sports, making him the first footballer that the hip-hop star has signed up this separate sports entity.

Furthermore, Boateng has launched an eyewear range which has certainly made an impact.

3. Edgar Davids

Now our next contender is a little bit more unique. This is largely in part thanks to a glaucoma condition. Having played for Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur among other teams, there is no surprise he was nicknamed, “The Pitbull”.

However, due to vision problems, Davids had no choice but to play in protective glasses during his playing days. Mind you, no one would be able to come up to him with his menacing look and iconic dreads.

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