The Americans have a saying: “You’re better off being lucky than good… and you’d better be lucky, because you’re no damn good.” And these seem combining luck and talent to create something you would only blame on magic; juju. Down are the footballers who seemimngly are using juju in the 2018 world cup.

5. Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku may have great qualities in term of physicality, scoring, pace, finishing, but he’s not a very technical forward. He doesn’t score any good goals, but he scores anyway. What else can you do when have players like Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne at your service?

In the recent game against Panama, the Belgian scored twice!

4. Harry Kane

Harry Kane has scored his first goals at a major international tournament, with his efforts and luck getting England off to the perfect start at World Cup 2018 in a 2-1 victory over Tunisia.

Considering how he headed to Euro 2016 on the back of one of those, but struggled at his first finals as the Three Lions flopped badly on French soil, Kane must be using some Juju.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Within four minutes Ronaldo had scored his first, from the penalty. Gerard Pique noted: “He was hardly touched. Ronaldo has a habit of diving and he almost always gets the decisions.” He also got a second from a dreadful error of David de Gea; Spain twice coming from behind and eventually leading until Ronaldo’s free-kick hit the net.

Seems like the Portuguese superstar upgraded the Juju he used in the Euro 2016.

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