Some footballers may perform extremely well in the pitch. But there are those who grab the crown when it comes to marrying beautiful wives. And others who make their dating story a fairytale. Down are some of the footballers with the most inspirational love stories.

5. Gerard Pique and Shakira

It all started with a couple of mojitos. If you ever listened to the lyrics of Shakira’s single, “Me Enamoré,” then you know a little bit about the beginning of her whirlwind romance with Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique.

In the song, “Me Enamoré,” Shakira illustrates, “I thought, ‘this one is still a boy, but what can I do.’” With this line, she’s referencing the ten-year age difference between them. Coincidentally, the two share the same birthday.

She then goes on to explain how they dance and danced until she fell for him; they fell for each other. She goes into detail about his blue eyes, mouth and how much she adores his beard. The rest is history.

4. David and Victoria Beckham

In 1996, Victoria Beckham, singer, was already famous. She accompanied her bandmate Mel C to a football game, Manchester United vs. Sheffield. There she met her future husband, David Beckham. After the match, Victoria and David met in the players’ bar for the first chat.

The couple didn’t exchange a single kiss until their 4th date. “Our first kiss was in the car park of a restaurant. We used to drive to places and just spend as much time together as possible. That was an amazing time in our relationship. […] I’m glad I waited…” David said.

The couple was at Victoria’s parents’ house when they revealed the depth of their feelings for each other for the very first time. “David told me that he loved me and I said, ‘I love you too’. And that was that.”

3. Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello

“One day I received a private message from Alvaro. I did not know who he was, so I asked to my parents. My father told me who Alvaro was and then he warned me: ‘Distrusts of a football player’ ” Alice recalled.

“So, at first, I snubbed that message, but inside of me, I felt there was something that pushed me to answer. One morning I did. After a week we met in Milan. Alvaro told me that he had been looking for a way to contact me for a while, then, with his shyness, with my shyness, we captured each other. After a week started our love story.

Morata proposed her on stage during a magic show in Madrid on December 10, 2016. They tied the knot just six months later, in June 2017, getting married in Venice. In July 2018, the beautiful couple welcomed twin boys in Dell’Angelo Hospital in Venice, naming them Alessandro and Leonardo.

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