Having a powerful shot is very useful in football, no matter what. Some players can unleash fury shots from 30 yards out to find the net due to their power and speed. Goalkeepers hate them, video editors love them, and football fans enjoy them and call them long-range specialists. Here are today’s top 5 players with the most powerful shots.

5. Jordan Henderson

Actually, Jordan Henderson does not score many goals. But he does, the nets have to feel the presence of the ball due to the power Anderson uses to shot. The Liverpool captain is a long-range specialist and he is one of the strongest men in the league.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Ibrahimovic has proven throughout his career that he’s capable of anything, even breaking and burning the keepers’ hands from outside the box. The age might be knocking on hi door, but Zlatan still scores long-shot goals today.

3. Lionel Messi

Scoring freekicks, shooting from outside the box after eliminating defenders, or whatever else, Messi remains an exception king of the ball. The Argentinian is capable of changing the game whenever due to his extraordinary footballing skills. You know it all about Messi.

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