Football has been played on Earth for centuries now. Brazil dominates the World Cup and Europe dominate League football. The game has produced great players like Pele, Diego Maradona, George Weah, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi among others. Today, we want to recognize footballers who might not be very popular but their contribution was special. We take a look at quickest goals ever scored in football globally. This involves Leagues, juniors, amateurs, semi-professional, Cup competitions and even women football.

7. Frederico Chaves- 3.17 Seconds

In 2003, Frederico Chaves scored what remains the fastest goal in Brazilian football history after only 3.17 seconds. The game was between América Mineiro and Vila Nova. The match ended 1-5 in favour of the visitors. The striker currently plays for Cruzeiro.

6. Carlos Almeida- 3 Seconds


In 2011, Carlos Almeida netted for Oliveira do Hospital after only 3 seconds against Associação Atlética de Arganil. The match was played in what is called the Coimbra Football Association or Portuguese fourth division. Hospital won the match 3-0.

5. Cheung Sai-Ho- 2.8 Seconds

In 1993, Cheung Sai-Ho scored a record fastest goal then in Portsmouth Cup. The two names should not confuse you because it happened in Hong Kong youth team cup tie. The Ireland city was under the British rule until the late 90s when they handed it back to China mainland.

4. Ricardo Olivera- 2.8 Seconds

Guinness World Records had recorded the name of Ricardo Olivera for scoring what was then the fastest goal in football history. However, his name is not in their records anymore because the record was taken by Marc Burrows in 2004. It keeps changing hands because according to the list below Gavin Stokes holds it now.  Olivera scored after only 2.8 seconds in 1998 in a 1-1 draw between Rio Negro Capital and Soriano Interior in Argentina.

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