David Luiz is a Portuguese citizen, which was acquired during his time at Benfica. Portugal wanted him to represent their national team, but he opted to play for his native Brazil instead. Here is the lifestyle of the more often compared to a Simpsons character Sideshow Bob.

5. Networth -$67 million

According to various sites, it’s estimated that David Luiz earned £32 million (approximately $43 million USD) in 2017. According to his endorsement, he has earned around $82 million from October 2015 to October 2016.

As his popularity has increased day by day soon his income might raise to the top.

4. Girlfriend -Bruna Loureiro

After the break-up with Sara Madeira; it seems that the 6’2″ Diadema native has fallen in love again, this time the lucky gal is fashion model Bruna Loureiro. David and Bruna met in June 2016 in Brazil, and have been dating ever since.

Bruna loves to go to the beach; in addition to working out, she keeps in perfect shape by playing volleyball and capoeira.

3. Hobbies and Cars

Luiz owns few of the best Luxury cars. Earlier he was having Mercedes Benz and Ferrari. Recently, he has got the lavish Range Rover, Aston Martin, and Audi. But he is more often spotted in his favorite Mercedes AMG G Wagon.

“I try to enjoy it and thank God for it every day. Here you have all the entertainment needed for me and for my family.” He said on his hobby.

“I like Legoland very much,” he added. “I went with a good friend of mine. It was incredible. I cannot remember very well the names of the things there, but it was beautiful.”

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2. A Simpson Character

Earlier in his career, David Luiz was likened physically to the Brazilian basketball player Anderson Varejão by fans in his own country, due to their similar hairstyle.

However, in England, he was referred to as The Simpsons villain Sideshow Bob by opposition fans, and also in self-reference.

1. The Funny Guy

David is one funny guy and never misses a chance to make people around him have a small dose of laughter. Sometimes people may find it weird but a funny guy does help his teammates in the dressing room.

“David is the funny one,” Mikel told Goal last season.

“I can’t explain how funny he is. “He’s beyond funny, he’s crazy. When he is around. Nobody is relaxed when he is around because he either jumps on you or surprises you. He is a fun guy, an interesting guy to be around in the dressing room.”

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