Premier League returns this weekend after two weeks break to pave way for International football. On Saturday, Manchester United will host Crystal Palace at Old Trafford, League leaders Manchester City will be away against West Ham United, Liverpool will also travel to face Watford, and Bournemouth will host Arsenal. The weekend biggest game will feature Tottenham Hotspurs against Chelsea. Today, we look at five legends with best goals per game record ever.

5. Wayne Rooney- 0.43 per game (208 goals in 491 matches)

Former Manchester United and Everton striker Wayne Rooney netted 208 goals in 491 matches representing 0.43 per game. He joined Allan Shearer in the 200 club in the final year of his Premier League career. The 33-year-old will not be able to beat Shearer record because he decided to switch to MLS side DC United.

4. Andy Cole- 0.45 per game (187 goals in 414 matches)

Manchester United legend Andy Cole takes position four when it comes to the goal per game ratio. Former England forward netted 187 goals in 414 matches representing 0.45 per game. He scored important goals too. Sir Alex Ferguson signed him from Newcastle United. He is one of the few players who scored five goals in a single match.

3. Michael Owen- 0.46 per game (150 goals in 326 matches)

Liverpool and Manchester United legend Michael Owen was lethal in front of goal. The Legendary English forward scored most of his goals during his time at Anfield. He netted 150 times in only 326 matches representing 0.46 goals per game. He also played for Manchester United, Newcastle United and Stoke City.

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