This year’s highest-paid female celebrity is just 21 years. Football may be one of the most watched sports around the globe, boasting a gigantic number in terms of viewership which results in a mammoth influx of money in the sport. However, Ronaldo Only comes seventh when he joins the highest paid celebrities worldwide.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo -$108 M

The Portuguese superstar might be moaning about his recent Champions League controversial red card, but he held a place on to the richest paid celebs list for the third year in a row, bringing in a cool $108 million.

6. Lionel Messi -$111 M

In November 2017, Messi agreed to a contract extension with Barcelona that will keep him with the club through 2020-21 and pay him an annual salary and bonus in excess of $80 million, making him the highest-paid for his work on the pitch.

He pads that with a lifelong deal with Adidas. Other deals include Gatorade, Pepsi, Ooredoo, Huawei and Hawkers. A theme park based on him, Messi Experience Park, is set to open in 2020 in the Chinese city of Nanjing.

5. Coldplay -$115.5 M

Chris Martin and company’s A Head Full Of Dreams Tour grossed more than half a billion dollars in its two-year, five-continent run. That total means Coldplay trails only The Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang Tour on the all-time list.

4. Dwayne Johnson -$124 M

The former wrestler tallied the highest ever acting take-home in Celebrity 100 history, thanks to giant upfront paychecks and a cut of profits on blockbusters including ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.’ A huge social following allows him to negotiate an extra seven figures atop his standard contract for promotion, helping nearly double his 2017 earnings.

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